Rodrigo Ferran is born in Belgium and he started making music on an early age.
Rodrigo Ferran is relatively new in the Techno scene but he has a lot of experience in other music styles. Under his alter ego “Kosmik” he played at almost every club in Belgium like Illusion, Boccaccio, Cherry Moon, H2O,… and a lot of festivals like Beachland & Suikerrock to name a few.

After a 2 weeks vacation in Ibiza in 2014 and a lot of clubbing, he started to get really passionate about the Techno & Tech House scene on the island. After he was back in Belgium he decided to listen a lot to this style of music and he really got overwhelmed by the dark & powerful sounds.

On that moment he already knew that he wanted to explore with these sounds. While he went through a very difficult period in his life, music was his only thing that helped him through the dark days. That time he wanted to reflect his feelings in a personal mix and the reactions were so good that he decided to do a monthly podcast and so the “Dark Life Series” were born.

He received a whole lot of positive messages about his mixes and that gave him the boost to go further & further. Besides his monthly mixes he also wanted to make his own personal creations. He started exploring with these sounds and tried to find a way through the different genres of Techno.

After a while and a whole lot of exploring, he found what he was looking for. Dark & banging but with a touch of emotion and sometimes even with a progressive impulse. He also received some great comments about his productions and that pleased him a lot.

The plans for the future are very clear. Besides the “Dark Life Series” podcasts he already introduced the “Bright Life Series” podcasts, which are more focused on real Tech House & progressive sounds, and the new “My Dark Story” podcasts, even darker and more energetic than the “Dark Life Series”.

For the moment he’s also working hard in the studio to finish up a lot of tracks. Already a lot of tracks and remixes are signed on 4 different labels: Bunk3r R3cords, Duo Box Records, MTZ Records & MTZ Noir Records.

2017 has started off with a bang for Rodrigo Ferran. He will help to manage the Belgian Techno Label “MTZ Records” together with his brother in crime Joram Respen. They are both very ambitious and the plans for the future are very clear.

2018 has also started off good for Rodrigo Ferran with a first release on the Italian Cocunà Records together with his partner in crime Minitraumz, a 2-track EP on the Italian PNA Records and 4 new signings on the famous Hungarian Art Style: Techno Records label and last but not lease a 2-track EP on the Italian 4 Quarters Music label together with Minitraumz.

As from the 1st of May 2018, Rodrigo Ferran is fully responsible for the Techno label MTZ Noir Records. Due to the massive workload on both labels, he will now focus only on MTZ Noir Records and his aim is to discover new talented artists and provide them a path into the global world of Techno.