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My “Throwback 2016” mix now online…

27 December 2016

My “Throwback 2016” mix now online…

In this “Throwback” mix you can find all my productions (tracks & remixes) that were signed this year on different Techno labels like Bunk3r R3cords, Duo Box Records & MTZ Records. Enjoy my mix and stay TECHNO!


1. Rodrigo Ferran – Asteroids On Dope
2. Rodrigo Ferran – Pray
3. Rodrigo Ferran – People Just Don’t Care
4. Rodrigo Ferran – Don’t Hurt
5. Rodrigo Ferran – Energy Flare
6. Rodrigo Ferran – Dark Ambience
7. Rodrigo Ferran – Secret Bunkerz
8. Mark Grandel – Twisted Waves (Rodrigo Ferran Remix)
9. Rodrigo Ferran – Molecules

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Suikerrock Wall of Fame

31 July 2016

Suikerrock Wall of Fame
Rodrigo Wall of Fame

Suikerrock Tienen, the biggest townfestival in Belgium, made a “Wall of Fame” banner with all the names of the artists who performed during the last 30 years. You can find me between the biggest names in the musicworld like Shaggy, Right Said Fred, Metal Molly etc… PROUD!!

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